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AT&T in Legal Fights With iPhone User Affected by Slow Data Speeds

Matthew Spaccarelli, an AT&T subscriber, just found out that messing with the second largest carrier in the US can be a dirty business. He recently won a case against AT&T in a small claims court and published the details. Soon after, AT&T lawyers sent a somewhat threatening letter to Spaccarelli.

Matthew Spaccarelli is just one of AT&T's customers using an iPhone that's affected by the carrier's decision to slow data speeds for subscribers who exceed their data usage limit. He publicly complained about the situation and inadvertedly became a spokesperson for the angered customers. He won the case after demonstrating that AT&T had no right to slow down the data speeds and consequently won $850 damages.

Moreover, he published the documents related to the case, which generated an AT&T reaction. The team of lawyers warned Matthew Spaccarelli that the terms of the case are to remain private. "I just feel like they are trying to strong-arm me into shutting up," complained Spaccarelli in an interview for Business Week. Unfortunately, Spaccarelli violated his agreement with the carrier by sharing his connection with other devices, otherwise known as tethering. Under these circumstances AT&T could use the opportunity to terminate the services delivered to Matthew Spaccarelli.

Source: Business Week

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