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eBay App My Vehicles Hitches One Million Rides

First Instagram, then Draw Something - seems the wonderful world of apps is proving to be a booming success, with new eBay app scoring its first million hits.

The online marketplace has become more popular thanks to the popularity of eBay's personalised My Vehicles tool. Celebrating the registration of over a million vehicles, it's certainly clocked some impressive mileage since its launch back in the summer of 2011.

Acting as a personalised virtual “garage” for owners to upload information about their vehicles, the app customises your search results relevant to your vehicle i.e. if you own a super shiny Volkswagen Golf, thanks to the My Vehicles profile your search results will return listings detailing car parts appropriate for your pride and joy.

“Car fanatics love to swap stories and information about their passion more so than others, especially those with similar model vehicles and genres, such as muscle cars, collector cars, etc.,” explained Danny Chang, Head of Marketing and Site Experience for eBay Motors. “They want to share their vehicles and modifications, and also be inspired by new ideas they may not have thought of. The social aspect of My Vehicles provides a simple way to do this at scale, to reach many more like-minded enthusiasts quickly, not to mention the ability for everyday drivers and enthusiasts alike to easily find parts that fit their car.”

According to Mashable, eBay has 1,370,000 cars, trucks, and motorcycles listed on the site, with the Chevy named as the most saved vehicle brand - notching up 236,000 saves.

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