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European Android Developers Waiting For Google Pay

What do you call a Google Play March payment? Non-existent, according to EU Android developers.

It's been more than a week but Android devs are feeling restless - and with good reason too, considering the absence of their February paycheck.

Every calendar month, Google developers can expect a tidy 70 per cent share (usually at the beginning of the month, allowing leeway for the payment to clear); but things haven't gone quite to plan, with the Mountain View mogul finding itself crossed off many developers' Christmas cards lists.

Hoping to resolve the issue with Google's response forms, developers were swiftly disappointed - turning their attention to creating a thread within the Google forums complaining about the lack of pay (and response). However, they managed to get an answer - albeit an automated one - yet it still hasn't materialised into a paycheck:

"Thank you for your email. I've forwarded your query to a Specialist to look in to. Please rest assured that we'll respond with additional information as soon as we have more to share with you. Thanks for your patience in the meantime."

Let's just hope it is patience - and not brewing animosity. After all, should Google wish to rival the mighty iOS, they'll need to keep developers in their good books - and not an automated response form.

Source: The Register

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