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First Photos Taken With the New iPad Reveal Good Quality

The team of enthusiasts from the Vietnamese website has managed to get their hands on the latest iPad, ahead of its official release.

Now, eager Apple fans were spoiled with the first glimpses of the device, as the website published an unboxing video, just to show off.

Benchmark tests also revealed the 1GB RAM and now, we get to see how the revamped camera works.

The first batch of photos, taken with the 5megapixel rear-camera of the new iPad, reveals a significant enhancement compared to the previous model.

The second-generation iPad, despite its impressive features that helped the device conquer the tablet market, had a very modest shooter, featuring not even one-megapixel sensor.

Under the circumstances, the recently published photos easily reveal the difference. The new iPad camera is labelled as "truly usable for everyday shooting" and will probably perform better than other comparable resolution cameras, featured in rival tablets.

The third generation iPad has the same optics as iPhone 4S and this also determines an increase in camera performance, compared to the earlier model.

However, when compared to the latest iPhone, the new iPad seems to produce noisier images. Also, the dynamic range doesn't seem to be as wide as the one, the iPhone 4S camera sports.

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