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FTC Subpoenas Apple In Google Antitrust Investigation

Apple has come under scrutiny by federal regulators looking to learn more about Google's search settings on iOS devices.

A report was filed today in which it details the US Federal Trade Commission's intentions to seek out the contracts signed by both Google and Apple allowing Google to become the default search engine on Apple products.

However, it looks like Apple has some company - with the FTC reportedly looking into "other handset makers and wireless carriers" rumoured to be under investigation. "The FTC is examining whether the company unfairly increases advertising rates for competitors and ranks search results to favor its own business, such as its networking site Google+,"Tuesday's latest report said. It added that the FTC wants to find out "whether the company is using its control of the Android mobile operating system to harm competition."

Last November Google's chairman and former chief executive, Eric Schmidt, went before a US Senate antitrust subcommittee and testified that Apple's voice-assisted Siri function could be seen as a 'competitive threat' to Google - citing two publications which labelled Siri a 'Google killer' and Apple's 'entry point' within the mobile search market in order to persuade the comittee that Google has many a rival within the search business.

Source: Apple Insider

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