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Government Urged To Tackle Mobile Roaming Charges

The House of Lords is calling upon the assistance of the Government to trample out "unaccessably high" mobile phone roaming charges.

On 5 March a meeting was held to tackle the issue, with mobile operators Everything Everywhere, Three UK and telecoms experts attending the talk.

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on the Internal Market wants to see the introduction of price caps and networks as part of an attempt to gain the trust of customers as well as put their needs first.

“For too long consumers have been left in the dark as to roaming charges, leading to ‘bill shock’ when people use their phones abroad," said Baroness O'Cathain, chairman of the committee.

"The industry will not reduce its prices voluntarily, and the EU needs to keep up its system of price caps in order to drive costs down. But retail price caps are only an interim solution: the EU must put in place more sustainable solutions, and by doing so develop a truly competitive marketplace in the longer-term. If they do, then we can finally start to see the consumer being put first in an area where their interests have too often been neglected.”

Should these European charges fall will be a great victory for consumers everywhere - however, the same can't be said for mobile network operators.

Source: T3

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