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HBO Loosens Restrictions On Fox and Universal Streams To iCloud

Apple's iCloud service is built on knotty alliances and sometimes the strategies don't work as fast as the consumers would expect. The recent Apple event with its new Apple TV unveil proved how complicated the situation can be.

Analysts discovered that Fox and Universal cannot provide iCloud video streaming because of the contractual restrictions enforced by HBO. So far, Apple can offer iCloud movies under licensing agreements with Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., Sony Corp.'s Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Co., Viacom Inc.'s Paramount Pictures and Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros.

Comcast Corp.'s Universal Pictures and News Corp .'s Twentieth Century Fox cannot join other studios in reaching to Apple fans due to the fact they licensed their movies to HBO, which now has exclusive rights to provide movies to paying consumers, during specific time frames after a movie's premiere. HBO pays this "exclusive windows" with hundreds of millions of dollars and the channel executives are not willing to give up that easily in favour of Apple fans.

However, according to a recent scoop from Wall Street Journal, HBO agreed to loosen the contractual restriction with Warner Bros. in order to allow iCloud users to enjoy movies they already bought on a wider range of devices.

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