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HTC Lists Handsets That WIll Get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has finally confirmed which devices will get "a tasty treat of Ice Cream Sandwich" in a blog post on its website courtesy of Darren Krape, its Global Community Manager.

The devices are the Droid Incredible 2, the Amaze 4G, the Desire S and HD, the Evo 3D and Design 4G, the Sensation (plain vanilla, XL, XE and 4G), the Raider, the Rezound, the Rhyme, Vivid and Thunderbolt.

The company also confirmed that it is at the early stages at rolling out Android 4,0 for HTC Seneation (plain and XE flavours) and that upgrades will be "more widely available in the next few weeks".

The rest of the Sensation family is next in line for the next update batch and HTC said that it is closely working with mobile phone operators to come up with an update schedules for locked smartphones.

Although the absence of Wildfire, Wildfire S and Explorer is not a surprise, that of the HTC Desire and Desire Z, as well as the HTC Flyer and Puccini may get some HTC customers to frown.

There was a significant backlash after HTC announced late last year that it would not bring Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the HTC Desire which was (and still remains) one of its most important smartphones launched.

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