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iPhone Used To Make An Entire Documentary About Syrian Uprising

Al Jazeera will air later tonight a documentary filmed, for safety reasons, with an iPhone, by an intrepid journalist who researched the Syrian uprising.

The documentary titled "Syria: Songs of Defiance" opens with an explanation about the dangers the journalists faced and he explains why he has to remain anonymous. The journalist tells the audience that he needs to protect his contacts in Syria and for the same reason he could not use a large professional camera that could alert the authorities.

The undercover correspondent spent two months in Syria, between anti-government demonstrators in the streets and in their homes. He relied only on an iPhone to record the lives and the rage of the protesters and to reveal the dangers of their mission, with the smartphone used found to be an iPhone. Still, there is no real information about the model, but tech analysts who previewed the trailer images suggest that it could be an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. The optics of the two high-end smartphones would allow the journalist to deliver high-quality images that All Jazeera is going to broadcast in just a few hours.

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