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Microsoft Says Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh is Just That

Microsoft's PR department has denied all rumors suggesting a name change of the upcoming Windows Phone update, and even more.

Pocketnow reports that the company's PR firm (ed : which one and who?) told them that the "updates" would still be called Windows Phone 7.5 and that the codename "refresh" is just that, a refresh.

The name was mentioned by an Italian website and might have been taken out of context. Tango, the PR source confirmed, is a label for the engineering work that contrbuted to the minor update.

The update is said to contain a number of minor improvements including technical limitations for low-tier handsets for better resource management, enhanced MMS support, advanced roaming support and SIM management features.

Mango is currently paving the way for a new wave of sub £200 Windows Phone 7.5 handsets with the Lumia 610, the Lumia 710 and the ZTE Tania being the first batch reaching our shores.

Whatever the next iteration will be could push the price of Windows Phone handset even lower by reducing the bill of materials. That could mean less RAM, less onboard storage, a smaller screen and a less powerful processor.