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Mozilla Changes Firefox Update Cycle

Mozilla has confirmed that it will no longer be releasing Firefox updates on Tuesday as they usually do in order not to clash with Microsoft's scheduled monthly update to Windows and other related applications.

In a blog post by Johnathan Nightingale, Senior Director of Firefox Engineering, the not-for-profit entity confirmed that Firefox would be released for manual updates only before adding that "in order to understand the impacts [sic] of Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" fixes, we will initially release Firefox for manual updates only. Once those impacts are understood, we'll push automatic updates out to all of our users."

This means that automatic updates have not taken place as originally expected on the 12th of March. In addition, Nightingale said that a security vulnerability discovered by TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative had already been idenfitied and fixed through their internal processes.

Firefox's latest update stands at version 11 although the more adventurous could either try the beta version or the alpha one called Aurora.