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Pinterest To Release New Profile Pages

Exciting news for photo fans this week, as photo-sharing site Pinterest will be revealing newly redesigned profiles.

Speaking at today's South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann stated: "I'm so excited about it. We wanted to make it more beautiful… To make your profile different in kind than the profile you have on Facebook."

The vamped profile pages will help Pin-sters search out other sharers and show who people re-pin from, as well as be "more beautiful," said Silbermann. "We wanted to make your profile very different from the profile you might have on Facebook or Twitter," he said during a panel today at SXSW in Austin,TX. "We wanted to make a snapshot of what you're about."

It is expected that Pinterest will soon be expanding upon the number of items users can pin, such as videos from Hulu, Netflic and Vimeo. "Driving traffic out is really fundamental for us," he explained. "The mission of Pinterest is not to keep people on the site forever. It's to get people out and to find those objects."

They say a change is as good as the rest, but so long as it doesn't feature a timeline then it's definitely got my 'Pinterest'.

Source: Fast Company