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RIM Blackberry PlayBook Gets Mini Keyboard

RIM has released a new BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for its PlayBook tablet for $119.99 (UK price and availability to be confirmed), which is rather expensive compared to the selling price of the PlayBook itself (which retails for $199 in the US and £169 in the UK).

The accessory comes with a multitouch keypad with left and right mouse clicks and a battery life of up to 30 days (we'd assume on standby rather than continuous use) and communicates with the PlayBook via a 128-bit encrypted keyboard connection.

Sadly, this is no Asus Transformer Prime in that the keyboard is not adocking station but comes with its own carrying case that keeps the tablet and keyboard as close as possible.

The peripheral is available on preorder with delivery scheduled to start (in the US) from the 23rd of March. The PlayBook has received a native email client and the business-friendly Documents To Go application as part of its latest update (v2.0) which makes it more appealing to the business user.

Whether this Bluetooth keyboard would rank better in terms of quality and tactile feedback and value for money compared to other from better known vendors remains to be seen.

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