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Rumour: BBC iPlayer Heading To Xbox Next Week

The BBC's iPlayer could be set for Xbox inclusion as of next week if circulating rumours about the service are to be believed.

While Microsoft is of course stating that it does not comment on rumours, Eurogamer seems quite sure that this is to be the case. According to the site, there were early rumblings of the catch-up service being added to the Xbox Live experience before, but due to issues with the Xbox Live Gold accounts technically making the iPlayer a paid for service, it has taken longer than expected.

Now though the road blocks have been cleared and Xbox gamers with both Xbox Live Free (previously known as Xbox Live Silver) and Xbox Live Gold accounts will be able to enjoy all the BBC goodness that they might have missed. Considering the platform already has this sort of application for other channels - in the form of 4oD and Channel 5 on Demand - it's about time the licence fee funded application made its way to XBL.

It was reported in the middle of 2011 that Xbox Live would be fully integrated into the Windows 8 operating system. It'll be interesting to see if applications like this are also natively included.

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