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TalkTalk To Launch 80Mbps Broadband Service

UK telecommunication giant Talktalk has announced that it will launch a new 80Mbps fiber-optic broadband service that will use BT's network.

The company confirmed that within the next few weeks, some of its customers will be able to get up to 80Mbps rather than the BT-maximum of 40Mbps with interested parties urged to register to receive the improved download service.

Talktalk also confirmed that the upgrade will also boost upload speeds up to 20Mbps. It will cost only £15 extra per month to get a FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet) upgrade from one of Talktalk's standard package to the 80Mbps broadband service.

BT Openreach said "FTTC currently delivers up to 40Mbps downstream and up to 10Mbps upstream. The rough doubling of these speeds marks a significant milestone in BT's development of the technology and is expected to deliver a significant boost to households and businesses within BT's fibre footprint."

BT-owned Plusnet will also test the new 80Mbps which it says is a "distance-dependent" technology which is midway between a pure FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises) and an ADSL-based service.

Some may argue that the real catalyst for the surge in high speed broadband services is Virgin Media which has been advocating super fast broadband over the past few years beyond ADSL2+ and has already started doubling speeds for its cable users, up to 100Mbps.

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