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The New iPad Confirmed To Have 1GB Of RAM

Just days before the third generation iPad reaches the hands of the first customers, the team from tech inclined website Tinh.te has managed to run benchmark tests - on a new iPad, which they have already obtained.

The tests confirmed at least one of the rumours that seduced us recently. According to the Vietnamese website, the third generation iPad actually features 1GB of RAM and an ARMv7 processor, clocked at 1GHz.

These results revealed a total of 988MB of RAM, which means that the new iPad has almost twice the memory of its predecessor, or the latest iPhone.

In order to test the overall performance of the new iPad, the guys at Tinh.te ran the version 2.2.7 of Geekbench - specially designed for the iOS.

However, the latest available version of the tests are not reliable, when it comes to the new graphic performance of the device.

This is probably why the new iPad got 756 points, while a Wi-Fi 16GB iPad 2 also running on the latest iOS version managed to score 760 points.

Still, this is the first of undoubtedly many benchmarks that will follow in just a few days, where we'll see many more reliable comparisons.

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