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Three Confirms New iPad Offers; 21Mbps, £29 Per Month + £99 Upfront

UK mobile phone operator Three has been the first to announce that it will sell the New iPad (in 4G flavour) from this Friday on HSPA+ which would allow users to hit 21Mbps.

The company said that it has invested heavily over the past year to upgrade its network to the latest 3G technology and that 21Mbps would represent the fastest mobile connectivity on offer - at least until 4G is launched in the UK.

It also reiterated its plans to double the download speeds to 42Mbps this summer, saying that it is the only network to have publicly announced such plans.

All New iPad tablets will be available on a two year contract with 15GB data allowance for either £29 or £25 monthly fee. For the higher monthly fee, upfront costs are £99, £169 and £249 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

The lower £25 monthly fee corresponds to a higher upfront cost (£159, £229 and £299 respectively for the aforementioned models).

Three also said that it will have 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models on PAYG for £479, £549 and £629 respectively which can be used with their one month rolling contracts (£15 per month for 10GB and £7.50 for 1GB). We'd assume that 21Mbps is also available on PAYG.

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