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TVShack Founder To Be Extradited To US

The founder of TV show and movie streaming link website TVShack, 23 year old Richard O'Dwyer is set to be extradited to the United States on charges for copyright infringement.

Home secretary Theresa May confirmed that she had signed the extradition order yesterday, claiming to have carefully considered "all relevant matters." When he reaches the US, Mr O'Dwyer faces up to five years in jail - if he had remained in the UK, the most he could have received was two.

His mother, Julia O'Dwyer feels that her son hasn't been protected enough by UK law, saying she feels he's been "sold down the river."

"Richard's life - his studies, work opportunities, financial security - is being disrupted, for who knows how long, because the UK government has not introduced the much-needed changes to extradition law," she said.

US authorities claim that throughout the life of the site, Mr O'Dwyer made almost £150,000 in advertising revenue through his popularising of illegaly shared copyright protected content. Like many sites of its type however, TVShack didn't host any content itself, merely linking to websites that did. This is likely to be Mr O'Dwyer's main defence when he ends up in a US court room, since technically search engines provided those same links - his site just collected them.

There is a saving grace however - the appeals process. This is expected to be quite lengthy and will take place in the high court, challenging both the decision by the home secretary and the Westminster judge.

Source: The Guardian

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