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Virgin Media To Deliver Free Wi-Fi To London Underground

Virgin Media has been chosen as Wi-Fi supplier for the London Underground during this year's Olympics.

Today saw the announcement of Virgin Media confirming the news that they will be delivering free Wi-Fi to the London Underground, with 80 of its stations to be enabled prior to the Olympics and another 40 to be kitted out by the end of the year. Yes folks - FREE WI-FI.

Launched as a free, unlimited service for all London Underground passengers starting this summer, from July 2012, according to The Drum, commuters will be able to connect to the Internet on the move, with Internet access available via Pay-As-You-Go and other commercial models.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, explained: “It's vital that we harness the massive opportunities stemming from the digital revolution, by creating a vibrant, world class industry to attract investment and create jobs for Londoners. Millions of passengers will now be able to connect to their work, friends or access the latest news and travel information whilst on the move. This is a fabulous new and free resource which will be in place from this summer when London is being showcased on a global stage and playing host to millions.”

Thanks to Wi-Fi being available within the Underground, this will allow frontline staff to communicate with passengers face to face on platforms with live travel information - creating a huge benefit for the four million people using the Tube on a daily basis.London Underground's Director of Stragedy and Service Development, Gareth Powell, said: “We’re upgrading the Tube to make it fit for the 21st Century. This latest innovation is great news for Tube customers, who now have access to emails, web and social media underground for the first time. It’s also delivered at no cost to fare payers and taxpayers.“Today, TfL provides a wealth of free live travel information, via our website and through the many excellent travel apps now available. Wi-Fi on the Tube means our customers can now get the latest live travel information and check how services are running, on the move and underground, where and when they need it.”

Hopefully this service will help deal with the potential capital crunch on the Internet during the Olympics, with more hotspots easing the burden of heavy Internet consumption.

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