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Walmart Could Be Set To Buy GAME

US shopping giant Walmart could be set to buy up the troubled video game retailer GAME if rumours are to be believed.

Walmart already has a strong foothold in the UK with its low cost supermarket chain Asda, so acquiring GAME would allow it to expand not only its British based business line but potentially extend it throughout Europe and Australia.

Other US firm GameStop has also shown some interest, but MCVUK is reporting that it is waiting for administration to occur before any moves are made. This could leave GAME open to be snapped up by Walmart in the next week or so.

Considering GAME is valued at just over £10 million after stock prices crashed, Walmart would have no difficulty finding the capital - the US firm had a worldwide revenue of several hundred billion in 2011 alone.

This is the fourth firm to be reported as eyeing up the long time UK retailer, with OpCapita and Hilco both purported to be looking at certain aspects of the business. The former owner of electronics outfit Comet was said to be investigating buying up the UK arm of the business, with Hilco more interested in the Spanish and Australia portions.

No doubt the thousands of GAME staff will be pleased to hear about the recent interest, but they are likely hoping for a standard buyout that wouldn't see the firm gutted and sold off in pieces.

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