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Westerm Digital To Introduce 2TB My Passport External Drive

Hard drive maker Western Digital is set to launch a new My Passport drive that will have a 2TB capacity and a small 2.5 inch form factor.

According to Fudzilla's sources, the new storage device will use the standard Western Digital My Passport enclosure, and will be priced around the 200 Euro mark. Expect it to be £200 when it debuts in the UK since everything costs that little bit more here.

While it is thought to use a USB 3.0 interface to allow for fast data transfer rates, it will however only contain a 5400 RPM drive, so it won't be anywhere near as fast as some of the solid state external drives that have been around for a while now. Speed isn't necessarily the name of the game with a device like this however - the 2TB storage space meaning this is more of a quantity over quality product.

This new drive in the My Passport range is expected to show up on retail and online store shelves sometime later this month. The fact that it's got such a capacity in such a small form factor suggests that this could be a strong seller for those that need large amounts of data in a compact package.

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