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Windows 8 Caught Testing Windows Phone Apps

A radically different mobile era could soon be heralded by Windows 8 as unofficial builds of the OS have been identified as running Windows Phone applications.

According to a popular application (via WMPoweruser), "I'm a WP7", which retains the build number and codename of all operating systems that run it, one per cent of the platforms reviewed are unreleased Windows 8 builds.

Going by the numbers of 8283 and 8288, these versions are newer than the current Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched recently (build 8250). Another mobile app called Lynx has registered a similar uptake in Windows 8 installs running Windows Phone Apps.

Moreover, "I'm a WP7" also recorded a Jupiter codename, which could be a transition solution between Silverlight-based applications built for Windows Mobile 7.x and the upcoming Windows 8.

While most buyers are looking forward to Microsoft's next operating system on the desktop front, smartphone users may have felt a tad let down over the past year.

This leak could well be first solid clue that points to a unifying system between both platforms and, a small hint that Windows Phone 8 is going to be a variation of its desktop version counterpart.

Transition towards the next operating system for tablets may be easier with Windows 8 setting the layers for Phone-compatible applications. Should this happen desktop-based Windows App Store could be strengthened with more than 70.000 programs already available in the mobile market.