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Apple Expected To Release 15 Inch Screen Based MacBook Air In April

Now that the third generation iPad has been revealed, it's time to shift the focus of the Apple rumours into another direction.

This time, the tech-oriented journalists have dug up a little piece of information that could suggest that Apple plans to release a 15-inch MacBook Air, next month.

Even if not entirely a new rumour, this time, the information comes from a Mac premium accessory maker.

The UK based website Electric Pig quotes an anonymous source for a company that is "key player in MacBook docking solutions."

When going into details, the source hints that the upcoming 15-inch MacBook Air will feature ports on its sides but there will be "no optical drive and no ethernet."

With the success of iCloud service, Apple might try to push aside optical drives in the new devices.

Analysts now predict that the older models, including the 17-inch version, will have a hard time holding on to the market share. Adam Bunker from Electric Pig says that Apple's rumoured plans will be "effectively killing the Pro for the average consumer."

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