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Apple Stocks Jumped Nearly 6 Per Cent Since The New iPad Launch

Despite the bleak predictions we saw last week, Apple's stock price has gained 5.83 per cent - after the third generation iPad, was introduced to the market.

Ahead of the iPad launch, even market analysts advised people to sell Apple stocks and predicted that the price would fall since the company's "cool factor is fading fast."

Motley Fool's Anders Bylund even detailed the reasons that would encourage people to use this opportunity, to sell Apple stocks ahead of the new product launch. The prediction relied on the stock evolution that followed the iPad 2 release.

Last year, Apple saw its stock price drop almost 10 per cent after the announcement. However, the Cupertino based company managed to recover fast and during 2011, the stock value rose by 46.11 per cent.

Now, with $568.10 per share in the USA, Apple has reached "a new all time high just 8 cents below the 52 week high set during the trading day," according to Daniel Eran Dilger from Apple Insider.

Apple's market cap is valued at $529.68 billion, which means more than America's annual military budget. Or, compared to the rivals, Apple has a larger market cap than Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Research in Motion - all put together.

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