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BBC Will Sell Episodes As Soon As They've Aired

We reported just under a week ago that the BBC could be planning an iTunes rival download service - now it's been confirmed by Mark Thompson, the general director at the broadcaster.

Many of the details during the original rumours seem to be correct too. Prices are expected to be £1.89 per episode and the scheme is indeed known as Barcelona. However, one update that Mr Thompson has provided is that the episodes will be available online as soon as they've aired - making this service seem like the first time media producers understand the desires of consumers.

There will also be no window of opportunity. Episodes, once online, will stay there forever, meaning you can purchase, download and keep permanently anything that is shown on the BBC - as long as the broadcaster has secured the licensing rights for content.

He also said that the plan was to add all ongoing programmes once the service goes live and then to work on adding the back catalogue of shows - which should certainly keep the BBC busy, what with quite the considerable archive it has to work with.

"It could also mark an important step in broadcast's journey from being a transitory medium into a growing body of outstanding and valuable content which is always available to enjoy and which persists forever," he said.

Whether the Barcelona service would be added to the current iPlayer, or represent its own platform, remains to be seen.

Source: Guardian

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