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Confirmed : Virgin Media Customers To Get Free, Unlimited Wi-Fi In London Tube Stations

Stuck midway in yesterday's press release announcing that Virgin Media will give free Wi-Fi at Tube stations in London during summer, is a line stating "Following this period, Wi-Fi at Tube stations will be made available as part of Virgin Media's broadband and mobile subscriptions "

We got in touch with Virgin Media PR team and they confirmed to us that ALL Virgin Media broadband or mobile customers will get free, unlimited Wi-Fi access at 120 tube stations across London (ed : shame that doesn't include train stations).

Other Virgin Media users who subscribe only to TV and/or landline packages are likely to be offered a Pay-As-You-Go or other commercial alternative if they want to browse for free.

Virgin Media did not tell us how the scheme is supposed to work but we suspect that there will be a multi-platform app for that which will either validate the customers' phone number or a login/password combination (like for VM's Tivo App).

Virgin Media's cheapest SIM only tariff starts from £8.99 per month while its most affordable broadband package, the 10Mbps one, costs an average of £21.25 per month over a year.