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Dell snaps up security firm SonicWall

Californian-based network security firm is thought to be costing Dell at least $1 billion

Dell has made a new acquisition on the security front, with the purchase of SonicWall, a company which develops firewall and other data protection software to keep computers safe from the malware denizens of the digital world.

At this stage, Dell has just announced its intent to snap the firm up, but the deal is expected to go through in the second quarter of Dell’s fiscal year.

The price hasn’t been confirmed, but is apparently around the $1 billion to $1.5 billion mark, so we’re not talking small fry here.

SonicWall, which has its headquarters in San Jose, California, was founded in 1991, and has grown steadily since, having made a number of acquisitions itself. The firm’s revenue is thought to be around the $250 million mark.

SonicWall notes that it will become the “centre of excellence” for Dell’s security appliance solutions, and that its expanded infrastructure will deliver greater levels of support to its customer base.

In a statement on its website, SonicWall said: “This acquisition is the next step in Dell’s strategy to expand its solutions capabilities for customers and simplify management of their IT infrastructure. This vision is a perfect match for SonicWall that has delivered easy-to-use, high-performance network security solutions to SMB and enterprise organizations for over 20 years.”