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Ex-Microsoft staff member concocts “Fixing Windows 8” site

Ex-Microsoft staff member concocts “Fixing Windows 8” site

Windows 8 might just be out of touch when it comes to the keyboard and mouse?

Ex-employee goes on the attack against former company – it’s not exactly an uncommon story. Yet in this case, the rant an ex-Microsoft staffer has made public is actually a constructively argued one.

The ex-staff member has aired his views on a website entitled “Fixing Windows 8”, where he doesn’t just tear chunks out of the upcoming operating system for its weaknesses, but also suggests fixes.

So what’s wrong with Windows 8, with its all-conquering cross-computer and tablet philosophy? The main problem, according to the site, is that while it’s great as a touchscreen experience, it doesn’t work so well with a traditional desktop mouse and keyboard setup.

The main criticisms of the OS are the funky looking live tiles (as seen in Windows Phone 7) aren’t very well organised in terms of uncovering your actual apps (doing so requires a right click, then selecting a small “all apps” icon).

The whole experience isn’t particularly intuitive for the beginner, the ex-employee argues, as some apps require signing up for a Microsoft account (i.e. Live ID), making things rather convoluted during those initial forays around the OS.

However, the major criticism is that of window controls, which now can’t be resized, or indeed the controls for exiting a Metro app discovered intuitively – no more minimise at the top right of the window, for example.

Take a look at the website here to see some of the suggested solutions, and also a video of a novice computer user attempting to get to grips with Windows 8. However, we do have to remember that the OS is currently in a preview form, and it’s likely that these features will change come launch time. Let’s hope Microsoft is listening.