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First Batch Of The New iPads Will Not Feature Sharp Screens

In an unexpected twist of events, Sharp has failed to deliver the promised panels for the new iPad, in time for the first devices to be shipped.

The Osaka based company struggled to close the deal with Apple, where it promised to deliver the first batch of panels last December.

Since then, Sharp tried to accommodate Apple's drastic requirements. The difficulties with the manufacture generated the delays in shipments, according to an anonymous source with insider knowledge of the situation.

After the company failed to deliver the promised batch of components, Sharp's shares dropped by 4.5 per cent.

However, Sharp will remain an Apple supplier and the first panels produced by Sharp will be delivered later this month.

The situation has another issue, than the possible delayed shipments of the third generation iPad. Nobuo Kurahashi analyst for Mizuho Investors Securities noticed that "the delivery delay is not only negative for Sharp, but it could give Samsung more bargaining power towards Apple."

Due to Sharp's difficulties, Apple and Samsung might find new reasons to "befriend" despite the fierce legal war that is going on around the world, between the two tech giants.

So far, Samsung is the most reliable supplier for the high resolution displays of the highly praised new iPad.

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