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Giant Bomb Bought By CBS Interactive

Video Game database, news and reviews website Giant Bomb has been purchased by CBS Interactive, the owners of Gamespot - the very site that Giant Bomb founders left.

This was all part of a big shake up in online publishing, with Whiskey "makers of fine websites" selling off several of its properties. Tested, Screened and Anime Vice will all be going to BermanBraun, with Giant Bomb and Comic Vine both heading to CBS Interactive - at least so says AllThingsD.

Fan reaction to the move hasn't been particularly strong, with many feeling that the original tone of these websites - specifically Giant Bomb - could be lost by the transference of ownership. This can often be the case with websites and online properties, as without the intial creators at the helm, the site's direction can be lost.

No news has yet been placed on the Giant Bomb website, but there was a livestream announcement to help placate worried fans that has now finished. However, users of the site are still posting at the time of writing this, the general consensus being somewhat negative.

Some have posted that they feel the GiantBomb membership system was a complete waste of time, since they feel it likely that both the explosive named site and Gamespot will likely merge content and account systems. There is also talk of no more interns, something the Giant Bomb community seems particularly annoyed about.

I can't comment personally having not been aware of the site myself, but it's certainly stirring up a lot of passion whichever side of the fence you look at. Interesting times for fans of both sites however as there will at least be increased cooperation if not a complete merger.

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