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Google GetMo scheme is launched to help UK business websites

Google’s initiative to help businesses develop their web presence lands in the UK, after launching in the US late last year

Google has just kicked off its GetMo, or “get mobile”, scheme in the UK, the idea being to encourage UK businesses to make the most of the increasing amount of web surfers who are using smartphones.

The initiative is primarily driving at improving the mobile surfing experience for consumers, and making business owners aware that their website can be a very different experience on a mobile phone as opposed to a desktop.

The GetMo site, which you can take a look at here, offers a useful tool to test how your website looks on a smartphone. After displaying the results, it then asks a short series of questions, and offers some tips on improving any problems, as well as feedback such as how fast your page loads.

A section on mobile site best practice is also provided, with another host of tips on how to design your site to be thumb-friendly, easily readable on a mobile and so forth.

The GetMo scheme has a number of partners in the UK, including the mobile commerce MoBank Group and dotMobi.

The latter’s goMobi website builder has also announced web hosting company Easyspace as its UK distribution partner.

Eileen O'Sullivan, COO and CFO of dotMobi, commented: "We're excited to be part of Google's GetMo initiative in the UK with Easyspace and are looking forward to getting UK business on mobile."

Sarah Haran of Easyspace added: "It's vital that businesses showcase their products and services to customers who are increasingly mobile phone savvy. For online retailers a mobile version of your desktop website is an absolute must. Achieving this doesn't require long-term business planning. With the help of Easyspace you can create goMobi sites in a matter of minutes and the web pages created will work on any phone."