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Google Recruits Digg Co-Founder Kevin Rose

Google has taken a new member under its search engine wing, in the form of Digg co-founder Kevin Rose.

Question: How do you get a job at one of the world's most renowned tech companies? Answer: Suffer the closure of one of your projects a day before employment.

Or be Kevin Rose. Despite his Oink app folding only a day earlier, it seems that this minor setback has done anything but negatively impact his career. Mountain View company, Google wants Rose and his fellow Milk workers to join them (this coming Monday, to be exact) and isn't taking no for an answer.

Responsible for helping lay the foundations for social news website Digg back in 2004, 35-year-old Rose along with Jay Adelson and two others helped pave the way for tech hungry geeks everywhere. The simple concept of accepting links and voting for the most popular stories helped establish the success of Digg, but sadly their success came to an end after their highly-criticised redesign in 2010, with many of Digg's users moving across to Reddit.

While it's not known what Rose's role will be at Google, many feel that his skills could be put to good use in the Google+ department. Despite its promising start, Google+ has struggled to gain real traction - but with Rose's expertise in building a huge, interactive community, perhaps he'll be able to encourage a more prolific uptake of the service.

Source: Mashable

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