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iPhone And Playstation Hacker GeoHot Arrested - For Weed

Last week on his way to the South by Southwest Interactive conferance, famed iPhone jailbreaker and Playstation hack contributor George "GeoHot" Hotz, was arrested for possession of cannabis.

Mr Hotz is perhaps most well known for being the first to unlock the iPhone, allowing it to be used with different mobile providers and for collaborating with hacking group FailOverflow to allow homebrew applications and alternative operating systems to be run on the PlayStation 3 - the latter feature being one that Sony controversially removed.

However, not much has been heard about the man in recent years, save for his hiring by Facebook in the middle of 2011 and rumours of his leaving in early 2012. Now though, it seems he's back in the headlines, but for an entirely different reason.

Despite a large portion of the American populace claiming to be in support of legalisation of marijuana and many states opting to allow medical dispensaries to operate, the US federal government has been cracking down on the controversial substance as of late - and it seems the border patrol at Sierra Blanca Texas, where Mr Hotz was caught, agrees with this stance.

According to AboveTheLaw (opens in new tab), the famed hacker had as little as 1/4 ounce of cannabis and less than 1/8 ounce of edible chocolate truffles of a certain variety. Deciding to throw the book at him, the local sheriff detained Mr Hotz - despite him having a medical licence in his home state of California.

After being detained for a short while, he was able to post bail for $1,500.

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