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New iPad + iPad 4G UK Stock Sale Update & Cheapest Price Hunt Live Blog

The new iPad will go on sale tomorrow morning at 0800 and as for previous launches, ITProPortal will be maintaining a live blog of who is stocking what "new iPad" around the country, online and offline. We will be monitoring more than 30 websites across the UK and Europe to find out where users can get the best iPad deals and will update this page as soon as we get any details.

For a low down on the New iPad including the endless list of rumours when it was called still the iPad 3, a no-nonsense comparison guide between the new and the old iPad (based on Apple's official specs), a look at the four main differences (display, GPU, connectivity, the camera).

You can read through our liveblog of the event last week, one which lasted nearly 90 minutes and also saw the launch of a new Apple TV and the iPhoto App plus a number of major updates.

Don't forget that you can win a New iPad courtesy of Netcommunities, the publisher of, by completing this survey for ITProPortal readers.

21:50 - 16 March

The mystery thickens. Apple is using a 45nm process for the A5x which explains a number of things (the heatsink and the separate DDR2). The Inside Of The New iPad Has Changed, But Not By Much while Apple Hong Kong Makes Use Of A Lottery System To Avoid Queues For The New iPad

17:47 - 16 March

Where To Buy The New iPad Tablet From Apple : The Latest Stock Update, We checked the cheapest New iPad and the one we found Costs £384 At Tesco with a voucher. Check our New Apple iPad : Review of Reviews.

14:52 - 16 March

"New iPad" vs "iPad 3" vs "iPad 2" : Google Search Reveals Which Term Is Most Popular

14:13 - 16 March

T-mobile announces New iPad tariff. Nothing new except for the fact that T-Mobile is the only mobile phone operator that won't charge you for browsing and emailing.

10:05 - 16 March

New 1080p iTunes movies come close to Blu-ray quality, just in time for the new iPad. Insane Apple fan boys (and girls) queue through the night for iPads - insane in a good way. Oh and Tesco had a massive glitch the other day offering the new ipad tablet for £50. Turned out they won't honour the deal. Not a surprise.

10:01 - 16 March

New iPad Or Apple iPad 2? Ebuyer is selling the old iPad For £300. Vodafone is also stocking the new iPad and selling it as from today.

12:06 - 15 March

Orange told us that it already has published details of its New iPad monthly contract that includes an iPhone plus iPad bundle from £66.

11:09 - 15 March

A new iPad means that the older iPad 2 is going to drop down in price on contracts. By how much? we're not sure. Three has yet to reply to us on that.

11:08 - 15 March

Vodafone and Three have already confirmed that they will be stocking the new iPad. T-Mobile has confirmed it to us informally as well. Nothing from Orange and O2 yet. We wouldn't bet on O2 selling the New iPad though.

11:00 - 15 March

The official Apple iPad page is where you wil get the latest updates. Don't forget that the old iPad 2 has dropped in price to only £329. Also check why we think Apple chose to call the iPad 3, the New iPad and why the new iPad could federate the fragmented 4G market.

Desire worked at ITProPortal right at the beginning and was instrumental in turning it into the leading publication we all know and love today. He then moved on to be the Editor of TechRadarPro - a position he still holds - and has recently been reunited with ITProPortal since Future Publishing's acquisition of Net Communities.