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Pinterest Prank Dead Body Text Sent To Police Officer

An Arkansas teen has found herself in hot water after sending a prank text to a random number to say she's hidden a body. However, the prank's on her - as the random number turned out to be the contact details of a police officer.

'Pinterest Prank Dead Body Text Sent To Police Officer' is not a headline I get to write very often, so to discover that a US teenager had sent a text saying: "I hid the body... now what?" to a completely random number was an extremely bizarre experience for me - but to find that the number belonged to a police officer was less of a 'lol' and more of a 'pwn'.

According to CNET, a 15-year-old girl in Rogers, AR, decided to liven up her day by trying out a joke - except the joke was on her, as the text ended up on the phone of a detective. When asked where she had got the idea from, she referenced photo-sharing site Pinterest. Apparently the Pinterest post read: "When I'm bored, I send a text to a random number saying 'I hid the body... now what?'"

Naturally, the detective took action and began their investigation - only to discover that it was just an inane jest of a bored adolescent.

Ah, the teenagers of today. Where exactly users pin stuff about dead-body-related activities is beyond me, and quite frankly, I'm not Pinterested.