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Starbucks On First Name Terms? Internet Says No

From Wednesday 14 March 2012, Starbucks is going to get personal with its customers - on a first name basis.

It's true, caffeine titan Starbucks is launching a campaign aiming to offer a more personalised service for its consumers. Instead of calling out the order of 'super skinny latte with hazelnut lashings hold the cream', they'll call you by your name. Kind of like a school register, but without calling the barista 'Sir' or 'Miss'.

"Have you noticed how everything seems a little impersonal nowadays?", its website asks wistfully. "We've all become user names, reference numbers and IP addresses.

"From now on, we won't refer to you as a 'latte' or a 'mocha', but instead as your folks intended: by your name," the coffee chain claims.

However, it hasn't been so warmly received - with many people's names being mispronounced. Where else to express such display than the open forum of the Internet?

Cast your eyes on the following Twitter updates, and see if you can sympathise with their concerns. Or vote for whichever one you found to be the funniest.

@martinsaunders: When the barista in Starbucks asks you your name so they can write it on your free latte, I dare you to say 'Costa'

@DonnaBow: So Starbucks is giving away coffee if you tell them your name. Who's got the best fake Starbucks name? Anyone told them your name's Robocop?

@PoppyD: The whole Starbucks name thing is a real test for my paranoia. I now need an alias for buying coffee

@phuplate: What will staff in Starbucks do if public refuse to give name? Not serve, stand like broken automata, cry?

I have yet to test this system out, but will let you know whether I give my true identity - or come out with a Bart Simpson-esque response.

Source: BBC

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