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Tesco glitch offers fully loaded new iPad for £50

Forget the rush to the shelves when HP’s remaining TouchPads were flogged off for £89 last summer. Tesco beat that with an eye-popping tablet offer yesterday, which caused a virtual stampede to the supermarket chain’s online site.

We’re betting there were quite a few takers for a brand new iPad, loaded with 64GB and 4G, when it went on pre-order yesterday for the princely sum of £50. That’s £600 off – although of course, this wasn’t the actual price, but a glitch in the system.

Naturally enough, as word of the “bargain” started to spread, punters piled in and ended up crashing the website (in spectacular fashion, we’d imagine).

It’s thought that hundreds of customers placed orders for the £50 retina display equipped supermodel, but Tesco has made it clear that those orders will not be fulfilled.

On the Tesco Offers Twitter page, which lists the supermarket’s current deals, the company tweeted yesterday: “Our new #iPad is not quite ready to buy yet :-( Apologies if you found a leaked page. We can't honour orders there. Please come back Friday!”

Meanwhile, some enraged customers have taken to social networks, protesting about orders being confirmed, legal obligations and so forth.

They can froth all they want, though, that just isn’t going to happen. The new iPad, as Tesco pointed out, goes on sale this Friday – and the closest folks are going to get to an offer is picking up the freshly discounted iPad 2 for £329.