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The New iPad Is Expected To Overwhelm 4G Networks

The third generation iPad with its support for 4G LTE is not even in the hands of the first customers, where tech websites already predict trouble with the high speed networks.

Analysts point out that 4G networks are currently lightly used, but this is about to change soon.

Apparently, Apple managed to convince massive number of fans to buy the latest tablets and the stocks available for pre-orders have been exhausted. Under the circumstances, after the 16th March, the 4G networks will become overwhelmed.

The new iPad with its high-resolution display that allows users to enjoy full 1080p HD video, which will have an effect on data usage.

Michael Thelander, CEO of Signals Research, a company that provides consultancy for the wireless industry, warns about the challenge the new iPad puts on 4G networks. "As more and more users come on, it can't give out bandwidth forever. I expect the [new] iPad to add congestion," points out Thelander.

In the US, carriers that invite subscribers to get their new iPad on the high-speed networks with LTE technology are Verizon and AT&T.

In Europe, Apple fans might not even have the chance to fully enjoy the LTE capabilities of their new iPads.

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