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The New iPad Will Freeze Face Time Video Chat Over LTE Networks

When Apple introduced the new iPad with high resolution display and its LTE capabilities, the army of Apple fans was frantic as the best rumours have been confirmed. However, days later analysts all over the world warned that the 4G networks might not be prepared for the new device. Now, the latest in the series of information about the true LTE capabilities is the disappointment about Face Time.

Apparently, owners of the third generation iPad won't be able to enjoy Face Time video chat over the high speed LTE networks. According to a report published in The Verge, "attempting to initiate a FaceTime call over LTE fails out with a message exhorting you to connect to a Wi-Fi network." For the users who tried a Face Time call over 3G networks the message might sound familiar but now the frustration grows particularly for Verizon subscribers. The carrier offered the new LTE iPad specific data plans with Wi-Fi hotspot service at no additional cost. The situation is quite intriguing considering the LTE connection allows, according to Tech Crunch's latest report 40 Mbps download and 20 Mbps uploads speeds.

We will be running a live blog for the launch of the iPad 3 tomorrow covering the latest stock updates and price checks across the country and from more than 30 retailers nationwide.

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