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Trinity Mirror To Launch Tablet Versions Of Popular Papers

Head of publishing house Trinity Mirror, Sly Bailey, has announced that the firm is going to publish paid for tablet versions of its most popular papers.

The first two key releases will be the Daily Mirror and Daily Record with other more regional titles coming later this year. Designed to help combat the new Sun on Sunday paper, these new tablet friendly editions will cost less than £10 a month - though concrete pricing information is not yet known. Bailey did however say that the new edition will offer significantly more than just visiting the website of the paper.

According to the Guardian, Trinity Mirror's move could be a necessary one. In just three weeks since the launch of the Sun on Sunday, there was a loss of 900,000 sales of copies of the Sunday Mirror and The People, two of their biggest titles. However, this is contrasted with a rise in circulation earlier in the year, thought to be down to the closing of the News of the World paper in 2011.

"We believe that scale in the regional market can be an important driver of value for shareholders," said Bailey in a statement. "We will consider further regional consolidation, but there has to be a strong commercial and strategic fit. We are looking for revenue benefits and not just cost cutting."

Newspapers have struggled with relevancy in an increasingly online focused news world and indeed, a more public focused one. With sites like Twitter and Facebook providing news as it happens from the people, how needed are newspapers and indeed their tablet editions?

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