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UK Launches Social Media Channels For iranians

Yesterday saw Britain launch a Facebook and website set up for Iranians in order to help appease tense relations between the parties.

As most people know, the journey to peace and general cooperation hasn't been easy for Blighty and Iran - following Britain's decision to close their embassy in Tehran after protesters took a shine to it (i.e. stormed the place) has left a bitter taste in Iran's mouth.

There's also the issue of Iran and its nuclear energy programme - Tehran is claiming that there's nothing to worry about, but Britian as well as many other Western jurisdictions are doubting Iran's motives, suspicious that the country is developing plans for nuclear weaponry.

As reported yesterday over the BBC accusing Iran of jamming its news feeds, it looks as though Britain is seeking new ways to improve communications with Iranians: "We are relaunching now our Iran website and social media presence for you and for you to use it," Foreign Secretary William Hague stated in a video message on the "UK for Iranians" website ( in English and in Farsi).

The Foreign Office explained that the website as well as the new Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts will offer information about Britain plus guidelines towards Iran - giving Iranians the chance to start discussions and ask any questions.

Source: Reuters UK

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