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Xbox is 10 years old today

Microsoft’s console turns double figures in the UK, with the original Xbox coming out today back in 2002

Hip, hip, hooray! For he’s a jolly good console, for he’s… well, that’s enough of that. Let’s just say that Microsoft has reminded us that it’s the Xbox’s birthday today, and the console platform is now officially 10 years old in the UK.

And to celebrate, there’s a nifty little timeline thing up on the page.

It shows various milestones from Microsoft’s gaming platform’s history, such as the Xbox hitting 13 million sales one year from launch.

Back at the time, you may remember that not everyone had much faith in Microsoft’s ability to turn out a successful games console. However, that tune has changed considerably today.

Currently, total console sales stand at 108 million, with an Xbox Live community of over 40 million strong.

We still recall buying our first Xbox on launch day back in 2002. And then quickly regretting it as the price then dropped swiftly.

And we have equally vivid recollections of getting our Xbox 360 home in January 2006… we waited a little this time; once bitten, twice shy, and all that. Then there was the second Xbox 360 in 2009, after the first one had died.

No one said owning an Xbox was an entirely joyous experience. However, even these blots on the landscape haven’t stopped us appreciating Microsoft’s box of gaming tricks.

The next major milestone, of course, is the launch of the Xbox 720, or whatever it ends up being called. Rumour currently has the date pegged at autumn 2013, so the Xbox 360 is definitely coming near to the end of its lifespan.