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1 In 10 People Never Delete Any Emails

Are you a secret email hoarder? It's a bit like being a secret Lemonade drinker back in the eighties, but with less fizzy pop and more attachments.

There are a surprising amount of cluttered inboxes across the UK, as according to an article in the Telegraph, one in ten Brits never delete a single email. Plenty more hold on to a load of emails as a kind of digital record of their lives, conversations, photos and so forth - some 38 per cent of those questioned in a study commissioned by Microsoft, to be precise.

With the advent of webmail, services such as Hotmail and Gmail have grown with hugely expanded inbox space to make them a crude, unorganised form of cloud storage. The only problem is finding the stuff you want amidst that deluge of messages.

Microsoft reckons that the average inbox will see some 14,600 emails this year, with the majority of this, 80 per cent, being so-called "greymail". That's subscribed-to circular mail, such as newsletters or offers, which isn't quite spam, but neither is it "proper" email.

Psychologist Jenni Trent Hughes told the newspaper: "While some consumers will be able to relate to these habits, whether it's the desire to hoard things for sentimental reasons or just the practicality of keeping records, we all have a unique way of managing our digital lives."

"For anyone looking to improve how they manage their life online they first need to look at their everyday habits to understand what changes need to be made."

Indeed, some people aren't using their gigantic webmail inbox to manage their digital lives - they're just plain lazy and can't be bothered to attempt to sort or delete stuff.