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20 per cent of tech firms have rejected job applicants due to social media profile

We all know that you've got to be careful what you post on your Facebook or Twitter account by now.

Staff have been fired for bad-mouthing their employers, and now when you're going for a job, social media screening is becoming an increasing focus for those doing the interviewing. And that photo from that party could just mean you don't get the job...

To illustrate the point, Eurocom Worldwide has just published the results of its 2012 annual technology market survey, which throws some light on the percentage of firms in the tech industry who do some serious social media nosing.

The survey, which concentrated on European tech outfits (and a few US ones), found that nearly 40 per cent checked out potential employees' profiles across social media sites. More tellingly though, half of those, 20 per cent, were actually rejected for the post based on what was discovered in their Facebook photo album or otherwise.

Mads Christensen, Network Director at Eurocom Worldwide, commented: "The 21st century human is learning that every action leaves an indelible digital trail. In the years ahead many of us will be challenged by what we are making public in various social forums today."

"The fact that one in five applicants disqualify themselves from an interview because of content in the social media sphere is a warning to job seekers and a true indicator of the digital reality we now live in."

The Eurocom survey also found that half of tech firms are planning to increase their social media spend within the next year. Although equally, half admitted they weren't sure of the benefits of pushing forward with social media plans, as they couldn't accurately gauge the impact of their investment.

The most popular social media platform for tech companies was LinkedIn, with 74 per cent of respondents having a profile there. 67 per cent tweeted, 64 percent had a Facebook page and 56 per cent admitted to having a YouTube presence.