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£36.79 Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 64-bit

The Windows Home Server 2011 has been designed specifically keeping in mind families with digital lifestyles whereby it provides an affordable and easy-to-use familiar, simple, and reliable way to store, stream, share, and automatically back up photos, videos, music and other important documents.

Giving a simplified remote access, the Home Server 2011 allows you to easily connect and access your digital files or take control of your home-based computers from virtually anywhere with a personalised Internet address.

You can setup automatic backups that would backup the server and all the systems connected to it every night and recovery is also possible with supplied disaster recover tools. The server also allows you to monitor the status and health of your Windows and Mac computers on the home network from a single view and ensure computers are being backed up on a regular basis.

One can also you the 64-bit Windows Home Server 2011 as an entertainment hub by streaming music, videos, recorded TV, and more straight to your Xbox 360, and other DLNA Certified devices.

The Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 64bit is available from eBay for £36.79.