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AM News: iTunes 1080p Movies, Nokia Chief Designer Working on iPad Rival, Tesco Glitch Marks New iPad with £50 Price Tag

The movies encoded in 1080p now available in iTunes - specially aimed at new iPad owners - are comparable with the high quality video delivered by Blu-ray discs, according to Ars Technica. The tech website published a comprehensive report on the matter evaluating both formats comparatively. When it comes to the text sharpness, no real differences were noticed, while images did appear marginally shaper on Blu-ray movies compared with 1080p iTunes fare, but only when examined very closely.

Two representatives of the US Congress last month asked details about how Apple protects consumers' rights to privacy. The Cupertino based company delivered a response that was perceived as insufficient and now Tim Cook recently received a letter from the Committee on Energy and Commerce asking him to provide further details.

According to a recent interview with Nokia design chief Marko Ahtisaari, the Finnish phone maker is working hard to put on the market a tablet to rival Apple's iPads. Reuters pointed out that Marko Ahtisaari was rather mysterious about the matter and only hinted that he works a third of his time on the new tablet.

Google has taken a new member under its search engine wing, in the form of Digg co-founder Kevin Rose. Question: How do you get a job at one of the world's most renowned tech companies? Answer: Suffer the closure of one of your projects a day before employment.

Forget the rush to the shelves when HP's remaining TouchPads were flogged off for £89 last summer. Tesco beat that with an eye-popping tablet offer yesterday, which caused a virtual stampede to the supermarket chain's online site. We're betting there were quite a few takers for a brand new iPad, loaded with 64GB and 4G, when it went on pre-order yesterday for the princely sum of £50. That's £600 off - although of course, this wasn't the actual price, but a glitch in the system.