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BlackBerry PlayBook With HSPA+ Support Will Finally Be Available Soon

Apparently, Research in Motion doesn't want to go down without putting up a good fight with its competitors. The long rumoured BlackBerry PlayBook, featuring HSPA+ connectivity is much closer to its potential customers.

The company has submitted to the USA Federal Communication Commission, a device with high-end specifications where the approval process is underway but only a few details are available, at this stage.

However, if we check out the rumours we get a pretty good picture of what to expect from the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook.

Tech oriented websites have hinted at a better processor. The upcoming RIM tablet is expected to feature a dual core 1.5GHz chipset. Other optimistic hearsay that flies around the web suggest that the new PlayBook will come with support for NFC, too.

Yesterday, RIM submitted for approval an LTE version of the PlayBook, which could suggest that the device will be included on the AT&T and Verizon networks and offer to their subscribers.

Unconfirmed rumours have led us to believe that RIM is going to announce the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet sometime during this summer. We'll just have to wait and see if the year-long speculation that had built up an anticipation on this matter will be confirmed, or denied.

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