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BT snares £39 million NATO contract

BT has put a considerable feather in its contract cap today, securing a deal with NATO's Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A).

NC3A is the agency responsible for the global development of NATO on the tech front, and BT has signed a five year contract which is valued at around £39 million, to provide an extensive communications network across 70 locations.

The work involves the migration of NATO's existing backbone to BT Ethernet Connect, a wide area network system designed for large organisations, and implemented to give the freedom to evolve the infrastructure as NATO sees fit in the future.

BT is also installing Ethernet Connect E-LINE services, secure and protected bandwidth for "mission-critical applications". The telecoms giant will supply the hardware as well as the expertise when it comes to these installations.

Georges D'hollander, General Manager at NC3A, commented: "Information - and the ability to share it rapidly across a coalition - plays a paramount role in 21st century operations, as well as political decision-making. To underpin this we need a flexible, future-proof network. BT has, over the years, developed an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges we face. Their BT Connect portfolio is particularly well designed to support our communications needs."

Luis Alvarez, President EMEA and Latin America BT Global Services, boasted: "We are proud that NATO has chosen our Ethernet Connect solution to support their technological evolution. It is a great recognition that NATO has selected BT as communications provider. We have been successfully working with NATO over the recent years and look forward to the future of our relationship."

BT Connect has seen a good start to 2012, having recently inked a deal with Standard Life to the tune of £30 million.