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Deal Site Groupon Found Guilty Of Consumer Protection Law Breaches

Groupon has been found guilty by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for breaching consumer protection laws in regards to its advertising, pricing and terms of its daily deals.

The website was referred to the OFT late last year by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) after Groupon was found to have broken many laws with regards to specific promotions. One of which related to breast augmentation where it gave just a 24 hour window for the deal voucher to be claimed. The ASA found that this put undue pressure on consumers to make a life changing decision within a short period of time.

In a statement the OFT has discussed its findings, stating that it had "found widespread examples of Groupon's practices which in the OFT's view breached consumer protection regulations".

"The OFT has specific concerns over practices involving reference pricing, advertising, refunds, unfair terms, and the diligence of its interactions with merchants," it added.

However, this doesn't mean that the site will be taken down or halted from trading in the future. In fact, according to the Guardian's report, the parent company of Groupon, MyCityDeal, has cooperated throughout the investigation to make changes to its practices.

So the deals are still on. You just can't get breast implants with them now.

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