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Apple Sticks With 45nm For A5X, A6 To Be 28nm?

We received the diffusion die photo of the Apple A5X from UBM Techinsights, the chip which powers the New iPad tablet and which comes with a dual core CPU and a quad core GPU solution.

The floor plan shows the processor core architecture is similar to that of the A5, which leads us to believe that Apple stuck with exactly the same core.

Which means that the extra real estate (the A5 measures at approx. 120 mm^2 vs. the A5X which measures at 163 mm^2) is due to the PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU cores (which are paired in batch of two and then symmetrically opposed to each other) as well as extra DDR interfaces and added complexity due to the quad core GPU.

Allan Yogasinam, Technical Research Manager at UBM TechInsights, told that Apple is likely to have stuck with the old 45nm manufacturing process which explains why the size of the die shot up.

He reckons that Apple will shift to 28nm (or 32nm) for the A6 when TSMC gains experience making AMD and Qualcomm chipsets using that node. Below are the floor plans for the Apple A5 and the Apple A5x.

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Source : UBM Techinsights

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